Books sent to me, some that are not  published and some that are.



A Current Family History of Clarence Earl Gouchenour  by Clara Rhoda Davis

Across The Plains in “49” By Emanuel Goughnour

Adwell – Drake Families By William D. Drake

Ancestors of The Paticia Sue Goenour Family By William A. Gochenour Jr.

Christian Goughnour   By Linda A. Hall

Christian Huffman and Christena Gochenour By Miller Genealogical Compulations

Cohenours Family History By Marti Kucharski

Daniel Goughnour   >By Linda A. Hall

Daniel Smith Shenck’s Diary Oct 1862 – October 1863

Daniel Smith Shenck’sGenealogy and Family History By William A. Gochenour Jr.

Descendants Of James Walker

Descendants of John Coughanour Sr.

Diary of  Annie Eliza Dean (1842-1896)

Down Memory Lane By P. M. Kokanour

Ford William Gouchenours Family By Debra Gouchenour

Gochnauers to 1940 By Harry W. Gochnauer

The Gochnauer Fsmily BY Lena Sue Gochnauer

History of the Goughnours 1770 -1998

Hite, CHRISTMAN, Gochanour, Lary, Smootz and Bitter By Artlip

Jacob Gochenour of Virginia By Michael John Gochennour

Muddling Through By Theodore Gochenour

Peter Goughnour   By Linda A. Hall

Sebastian Gachnouwer – Born in Goch, Germany 1720

The Cocanougher Ancestral Deeds  By Jan Dawson

The COOPER Family History By William A. Gochenour Jr.

The Coughenour By Landen & Kinnear

The Death of Pearl Gochenour (Newspaper clippings of accident till the driver was caught and tried.)

The Descendants of John and Mary (Miller) Cullers of Shenandoah County, Virginia By Patricia A. Fogle

The Double NN Coughennowers By William A. Gochenour Jr.

The Gochanours of La Salle County, Illinois By  Eileen Killeen

The History & Genealogy of Harvey Gochenour 1838 – 1966 By James Harvey Gochenour

The Story of Jacob & Neeley  By Jan Dawson

The Williams Family Digs By John Selectman Williams (1991)











A Brief History of Lancaster County, PA                  Moses Gochenour By Ken Landen

Old Lutherian Church                                                Gochenour, Messimer, Crawford, James

History OF Wabash County

David Gochnour

Gregory S. Gochenour

Amish in Amercica

Native American

The Civil War CD-rom

247                                             Muskogee & NE Oklohama       William T. Cohenour